Meet our repair experts - Instrument Repair in Kenosha

Chuck Barnes – Shop Manager- Brass Specialist



Chuck Barnes grew up in Raymond Wisconsin and attended UW Whitewater majoring in music education. Chuck chose a career path involving the manufacturing of musical instruments. 

Chuck began working for Martin Band, Holton and Leblanc companies in 1984 until their closure in 2009. Chuck began as an assembler/builder at Martin Band and branched out to the Holton and Leblanc companies under their owner Vito Pascucci. His advanced quality skill set promoted him to lead trainer then becoming supervisor of assembly operations and packaging departments. 

Chuck also collaborated with various artist relations managers and helped work on instruments made for Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, David Steinmeyer and others. 

In 1996, Chuck began doing musical instrument repairs at Pacettis Music part time and became the full-time shop manager in 2009. Chuck has the knowledge to work on all band instruments and percussion with his main functions being the repair and maintenance of brass instruments, ordering parts, delegating repair work, maintaining shop equipment and providing documentation of the work performed on all instruments. Chuck has over 35 combined years of instrument manufacturing and repair experience. He is a low brass player and performs with many groups in southeast Wisconsin

Pol Martinez – Woodwind Specialist



Pol Martinez is from Cerritos, San Luis Potosi – Mexico. Pol received an accounting degree from the University de San Louis Potosi and worked in Banking and Finance. Pol began working at Leblanc musical instrument company in 1991 and became the lead assembler, quality control troubleshooter and master trainer for all woodwinds manufactured in Kenosha until plant closure in 2009. Pol is 1 of 3 people in the world that can build the Leblanc contra bass clarinet model 342 (paper clip) by hand. 

In 1996, Pol was hand chosen by master repairman Emil Pacetti and began working at Pacettis Music part time as a woodwind repair technician. Pol became fully employed at Pacettis Music in 2009.

Pol has gained knowledge of instrument repair through the training of Emil Pacetti, Gary Everett and his 26 combined years of manufacturing and instrument repair experience. His primary function is the repair of woodwind instruments.

Randy Rovik- Woodwind Repair Technician



Randy Rovik is from Kenosha Wisconsin and came through the Kenosha Unified School District's music program. He holds a bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin Parkside and a master's degree in Instrumental Music Education from the Vandercook College of Music. 

He was Band Director at the Fredrick School System in Frederick Wisconsin, Riverview School District in Silver Lake Wisconsin and is the current band director at Lincoln Middle School here in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Randy began working at Pacettis Music in 2009 and performs all final play testing and final adjustments to our woodwind family of instruments. Along with his Music education background, Randy has an extremely high mechanical ability with focus to attention and detail. Randy understands and knows the importance of making sure an instrument plays as well as it can.

Randy received formal instrument repair training through standard and advanced level training classes at Vandercook College. Randy was also mentored under Gary Everett and Emil Pacetti for many years and has over 12 years experience of instrument repair and testin

Gary Everett – Shop Liaison Helper/Trainer



Gary Everett is from Kenosha Wisconsin and came through the Kenosha Unified School District's music program. Gary has been a valued resource to the repair shop at Pacettis Music for over 30 years. Gary holds a bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin Parkside and a master's degree in Instrumental Music Education from the Vander Cook College of Music.

Gary is called upon and comes in when there are any out of the ordinary instrument issues or when we need additional advice or help. He currently serves as a Band Director in the Oak Creek/Franklin Joint School District in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He previously held the position Chief Tester at the G. LeBlanc Corporation’s headquarters in Kenosha, WI. He was responsible for final inspection, repairs, final regulation and play testing of all woodwind instruments before distribution. Gary also coordinated with visiting professional musicians, represented LeBlanc at area trade shows and was a speaker during factory tours. He also has extensive experience with repair of brass, percussion, string and classroom instruments.

Gary is a professional level member of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT), an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) and has been associated with the American Music Educators Repair Association (AMERA).

He has taught numerous repair clinics, lectured and served as an onsite repair technician for multiple school districts and colleges. He has been teaching instrument repair techniques at Vander cook college for many year

Kevin Velvikis - Owner - General Repair and Maintenace



Kevin Velvikis is a Kenosha native and came through  the Kenosha Unified School District's music program. In 2009 Kevin became the owner of Pacettis and  began formal training with Emil Pacetti on standard and emergency repairs of woodwind, brass and stringed instruments. Emil Pacetti was an instrument maker of woodwinds and brass at G. Leblanc Corporation. He also received his formal training in stringed instrument repair from Peter Horn who was a graduate of the Mitten Wald Violin makers School in Germany.

Kevin's extreme attention to detail and strong mechanical ability enables him to  identify and perform repairs on many musical instruments.

John “Clark Speck” – String Luthier



Clark Speck is from Nashville Tennessee and recently moved to Racine Wisconsin. Clark has over 30 years of string repair experience. His services cover all aspects of string repair which includes bow re-hearing, bow repairs, set-up and replacement work of bridges, sound posts, fingerboards, pegs, crack repair and much more. 

Clark Identifies problems and provides estimates and appraisals of the instrument for customers, retail sales staff and educators. Clark has been providing specialized repair service for Pacettis for 5 years. Locally, Clark is currently the exclusive Luthier for Schmidt Music in Racine and others. Clarks rates are very reasonable and knows what to do to help keep costs down in dealing with school instruments that may not be worth much in value. Clark can also provide the more detailed repairs for higher end instruments as well. 

 ADDITIONAL INSTRUMENT REPAIRS: Accordion, autoharp, banjo, and other folk instruments.

BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS: Jay Rury Violin Shop, Dallas, TX- Cascio Music, New Berlin-White House of Music, Milwaukee area- Howard Core Company, Alabama - Schmidt Music Racine Wisconsin- Music Center Kenosha - Pacettis Music- Kenosha. Global United distribution Hofner/Paesold stringed Instruments. 

Instrument Cleaning


Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

In 2016 Pacettis Music made a major investment and purchased a 90-gallon ultrasonic cleaner for the interior cleaning of band instruments. We made this decision in order to provide the most advanced method available today. This method not only helps for performance issues, but also helps prolong the life of instruments.  


Tradition has been to use acid based solutions to remove the lime and scale deposits. Many repair shops still use a 55-gallon drum of cyanide,  muriatic, phosphoric, sulfamic, chromic, or acetic-based solutions. These work by either attacking the organic deposits, or the base metal itself (the internal brass tubing). Most acid based chemicals used in this process work primarily by removing metal, and in doing so etch the surface of these metals in various degrees.


Harsh chemical cleaning removes foreign matter by eating away, or etching, the top layers of the metal, which can be devastating to an instrument and its player, as the metal material that chemicals remove cannot be replaced.

We believe that the best and proper method is one which will remove all unnecessary internal deposits, while also leaving the base metals intact and unchanged molecularly. Ultrasonic cleaning does this safely, regarding the instrument properties, besides being environmentally safe, and cleans instruments more thoroughly than any type of chemical bath being used today.


The unique aspect about this type of cleaning method is that ultrasonic cleaning is performed by using sound waves, which are sent through a liquid medium to microscopically scrub and clean all internal and external surfaces wherever the cleaning solution is present. These sound waves are sent through the liquid medium by a series of transducers, which sends a controlled frequency spectrum of sound waves through the medium liquid in the tank, thus creating waves of compression and expansion of microscopic bubbles. These bubbles expand and implode repeatedly, creating a scrubbing action thousands of times a second which removes all organic materials. This allows more complete cleaning as even in the most complex tubing geometry, ultrasonic cleaning will remove far more contaminates than its chemical counterpart. 

Ultrasonic cleaners will also clean plastic/resonate type bodies on clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons, oboes and all plastic and metal mouthpieces. Buffing and lapping compounds, metal shavings and various other contaminants are all removed via ultrasonic cleaning.

Additional filtration system.

We have gone beyond the standard filtration specifications and have installed an additional filtration system. This is done with a 6” basket screen filter followed by a 20” long 10-micron bag filter finishing with a 20” long 5-micron cartridge filter to help keep bath water extra clean.